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AWD MQB RS3 Pump Hardware and Harness Kit

AWD MQB RS3 Pump Hardware and Harness Kit

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Needed Fuel Pump Controller

Introducing our RS3 brushless pump hardware and harness kit for those who have sourced their own pump. Available with or without the needed fuel pump controller. Includes all needed hardware and harnesses to make the pump install completely plug and play for AWD MQB vehicles. No modification of stock hardware needed at all! Metal hardware is stainless steel 316 and fuel hose is submersible E85 rated for worry free use with all fuel types! Harnesses include dummy plugs and connector for unused ports for a fully sealed solution!

***Tuning is required to use the RS3 Low Pressure Fuel Pump on the MQB platform. Installation without accompanied ECU tune may damage the pump or vehicle. Controller is required to make use of this kit, it is provided as an optional add on.


Kit includes:

- Plug and play Tefzel wire AWD driver fuel level sender harness

-SS316 center return hardware with Submersible E85 rated hose and quick connect

-Sealed OEM power and ground connector mate for unused connector post install

-Our RS3 Controller harness with internalized ground

-New OEM tank seal

-(Optional) RS3 fuel pump controller

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