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Bosch 980cc EV14 Port Injector for MPI

Bosch 980cc EV14 Port Injector for MPI

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Authentic Bosch 0280158040 980cc port fuel injector commonly included with most aftermarket MQB MPI kits.

 **Do Note these are sometimes also referred to as 925cc injectors.

Bosch 980cc Motorsport Injector 0280158040 (EV14)

Injector type: EV14-LONG NOZZLE, w/internal filter
Package: 1x
Connector: Bosch JPT EV1 Minitimer Jetronic
Injector tip: xT 24mm                                             
O-ring top: 14mm Viton
O-ring bottom: 14mm Viton
Impedance: 12 ohm
Spray pattern: 30 degrees Conical
Spray angle: Neutral (0 degrees)
Flow: 670g / 980cc / 980cm3 @ 3 bar                                                                        Pressure: Min. 36 PSI (2.5 bar), Max. 101 PSI (7 bar)
Fuel: E85 / M100 compatible and can handle other standard fuels due to the stainless internal parts. ATTENTION! If the injector is to be run on methanol, it must be flushed through with regular fuel after use. These injectors must not be in contact with methanol over extended periods.

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Customer Reviews

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Thomas Mayer
Perfect fitment on ROW car.

These fitted up perfectly to my mk7r with factory mpi!


Great products for a awesome price, will buy from SC SkunkWerks again