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MQB EA888.3 Coil Pack Grounding Harness

MQB EA888.3 Coil Pack Grounding Harness

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  • Shorter Coil Grounding Harness for Improved Performance: Upgrade your MQB EA888.3 engine's performance with this premium coil grounding harness kit. This kit replaces the stock coil grounds with a shorter path to ground, enhancing conductivity and spark delivery.
  • Easy Installation: This easy-to-install kit includes everything you need for a quick upgrade, including four hex replacement bolts, a conical washer, a terminal removal tool kit, and clear installation instructions.
  • Improved Spark Delivery and Durability:Experience smoother operation and increased power with a shorter grounding path. This high-quality kit is built with quality GXL wiring and Techflex Insultherm TruFit sleeving. Grounds to the engine at the engine cover post behind the high pressure fuel pump. Kit includes 4x hex replacement bolts to secure your coil packs, conical washer, terminal removal tool kit and installation instructions. Offers shortest path to ground of any harness on the market! 

***Part number will need to be verified before ordering. Part Number will either begin with a 4D0 or and 8K0, and can be identified by comparing your connector to those pictured in our reference picture. 8K0 also fits Euro ignition coil connector 8K0971994A with red tab. 

Our Classic style grounding harness can be found here:


Techflex Insultherm TruFit Features -

• Rated to 464°F
• Cut and Abrasion
• UL Recognized: VW-1
• Excellent Low Temp
• Resists Most Organic

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Good stuff

Well made
Clear instructions
Price hard to beat !!

Great product and packaging awful construction

Let me start off by saying it looks great and is packaged great and instructions are really well put together. But all 4 terminals where not crimped on very well and when I went to give it a very light tug to make sure it was seated in the connector the wires pulled out. Once the first one pulled out I checked the rest and they all pulled apart with extremely low effort . They did not seem to be crimped as well as the oem coil pack grounds where.

Big upgrade over flawed factory coil grounding

I’ve been running a harness from another manufacturer on my car, but this one offering the shortest path to ground seemed like a better solution.

A relative’s GTI wasn’t running perfectly smoothly, and so I figured I’d buy this SC Skunkwerks harness this time around. Bought one for that car and another for a different car in the family just for preventative maintenance.

Installation was very easy, having installed similar harnesses previously, but the included instructions were a nice refresher and provided me with some tips I never would’ve thought to do.

Car runs and idles beautifully smoothly again post-install. Very much satisfied and would buy this exact harness again if the need arose. Just make sure to tidy up the harness and make sure it’s not contacting anything.

John Deem
Bulletproof design, easy installation, value priced

I couldn't believe the quality of the Coil pack ground kit. It was a super easy installation, fast delivery, and fixed my issue with random misfires codes on my Mk7 Gti. The whole experience was flawless with SC Skunkwerks. Thank you!

Perfect Solution

I got this for my B9 Audi A4 2.0T after doing a spark plug change and having to deal with the unspeakable evil that is the triangular shaped bolts securing the coil packs, as well as the stupid double nut for the original ground wires. This kit gets rid of both of those problems. Very helpful instructions, pretty straightforward job. Took me about 30 minutes to install. Quality is solid as far as I can tell and half the price of the EQT kit.